Friday, July 15, 2011

Junk in My Trunk Baaaaabbbbyyyyyyyy!!

I know most of you don't really know that we have a new project going on. 

The timeline?? -It's definitely not far away from now.

So we're dropping some hints 
(not many cause you just have to find out the rest on your own ;) )

 You must be thinking "PARK BENCH? what?????"

 Very apparent we love using road signs to make our furniture 

 Oh bottles... You would have thrown them in the bin most of the time!! 

 Vandalism that became art...!! Hands down to them for their passion 
 Maybe this is how we should take care of antique furnitures.. This would be maintain n preserve for a few generations to come 

 Now... now... calm down..!!!  This is not prerogative :)
Think straight and look at it from an artist point of view

 Do you know anyone (including your grandparents) who wants to sell their old furnitures?? 
We would love to take a look and buy it from them

 Same as the glass bottles, you would have thrown thousands of them away

This one is a toughy... I don't think people would kept any luggage like these since the TITANIC ERA!!! Early 1900's??? 
Junk in my Trunk please ;)

BBB (Brother Baba Budan) is our beloved cafe in Melbourne. 
Serves coffee only. 
Shop size is 1/3 of our little patisserie and only caters up to 15 customers at a time unless you would like to line up for a takeaway coffee.
This would be the closest of how our next project going to be :D

We are going as green as possible. 
Using used, recyclable materials.
Someone has start making an impact!!
Hence, we would love for you to join us and make a change for a better, livable future!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looking For a Career?




Come, have fun and join our lovable team. If you're interested in joining French Kisses Patisserie and Ice Cream Societe, we have both Full and Part Time position. We have different career pathways set up depending heavily on your interests,skills and passion. For more information, do read the followings to understand the steps you need to take in order to be successful. GOOD LUCK! :)


Position:  (a) Chef Assistant           
                (b)Food & Beverage Attendant
Both position requires different skills and working hours.
A job description will be given once you are called for an interview.

Working Hours:  (a) Full Time            
                           (b) Part Time

*Send your resume (a passport size photo attached)        
Title of the email: please state your name, the position and working hours you preferred.
*A short essay of 100 words describing yourself. ( eg. your family, life, hobby, your personality etc) 

*Has to be sent to

I will call you A.S.A.P!!

Successful applicants will be provided with intensive trainings.

Please help us to spread the news!
Tell your friends, tell your friend's friends..
The working environment that we provide will definitely be different from anyone else you have worked with!


French Kisses Patisserie & Ice Cream Societe


Friday, July 8, 2011

French Kisses Patisserie's FIRST BLOG POST EVER!!!

Wooohooooo!!!! My first blog ever. This site has existed way before French Kisses Patisserie did. That was when Ben was still working hard in Australia at the Race Course in Adelaide and as for me, I was a fresh Graduate. I did my studies at Le Cordon Bleu ( for my International Hotel & Resort Management and University South Australia for my Bachelor of Business. Crazy times!!! Anyway, that will have to be another story.


So yes back to after I graduate, like any other fresh graduates, you become so lost. You don't know whether you want to continue your studies or you should be like all adults and try to be "responsible" for once in your life. I tried applying for 20 jobs per day and that went on for a few months. Guess what their replies would be? "You're not qualify enough." "You have no experience." Seriously, for a cafe job? I am not qualify? Pfffttt... yea right!!

My dreams was always to open up a cafe or even a little patisserie. I may be qualify to managing it but I am no way qualify in baking in the kitchen. At that moment, Ben was not happy working at his workplace as well. So, we decided on the same goal and I gathered all my courage and told my parents about wanting to open up a little cafe. Honestly, they were excited about it (not the fact about the cafe, but the fact that I am coming back to stay in Malaysia) When I had a discussion with them, I knew that I will never be able to start a business in Australia especially with the currency conversion rate, not having any connections for interior designers/ solicitors/ builders etc, high cost of any government fees to start a local business and lastly *point blank too* my parents would never want to invest big especially on something they have to clue about. Even though, we agreed upon their request we would open up in Village Mall, Sungai Petani, they were quite unsure this patisserie of us would work. Description of my dad's character: man in the family, a "typical old fashioned" chinese man, his words are gold!! So of course to him, our business are described to be a child's play. (p/s: he knows he's wrong now. so his resolution: doesnt ask us anything that has to do with our business)

                                     some samples of what a patisserie should be and look like:

                                   Fauchon (Paris) 

                              Laduree (Paris)

                     Laduree (Paris)

                                 These places just make you want to open up one on your own ;)

Well even though the shop French Kisses Patisserie ended up in Sungai Petani, we are still be able to collect most of our ingredients from other countries. (LUCKY!!) Do you know how expensive and hard to get Valrhona Chocolate in Australia? DAMN HARD!! Its $100 per kilo= RM360!!! Consider we have to drive down to KL to pick up all our food ingredients, we still don't have to pay as much as just buying chocolates in Australia even though they might send it to our doorsteps.


The other thing that is making us striving so well in SP is that people do love us :) haha... I mean seriously, a lot of people have underestimated SP people for being frugal, strange etc. Well I have to agree on the strange part but frugal? NO!! People in SP are getting more sophisticated and well educated. For instance, a lot people around our age were sent overseas to study. AIMST itself applies to a lot of medical students from other states and even overseas. Plus, you tend to save up a lot of money by not having to spend on anything in SP ;)

In the end, we made the right choice to open our little patisserie in SP!! In a small town, anything that is excellent, you tend to create a bigger buzz than being in a big city. Words travel so much faster than our Malaysia broadband internet! Hence, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us from the beginning. You know who you are and you're always on our minds. (Who would they be?? Well its you silly!! You are our biggest fan ever!! and only you would take some time to read this!!) There won't be any French Kisses Patisserie if it isn't without your support!!

Love Always,