Friday, July 15, 2011

Junk in My Trunk Baaaaabbbbyyyyyyyy!!

I know most of you don't really know that we have a new project going on. 

The timeline?? -It's definitely not far away from now.

So we're dropping some hints 
(not many cause you just have to find out the rest on your own ;) )

 You must be thinking "PARK BENCH? what?????"

 Very apparent we love using road signs to make our furniture 

 Oh bottles... You would have thrown them in the bin most of the time!! 

 Vandalism that became art...!! Hands down to them for their passion 
 Maybe this is how we should take care of antique furnitures.. This would be maintain n preserve for a few generations to come 

 Now... now... calm down..!!!  This is not prerogative :)
Think straight and look at it from an artist point of view

 Do you know anyone (including your grandparents) who wants to sell their old furnitures?? 
We would love to take a look and buy it from them

 Same as the glass bottles, you would have thrown thousands of them away

This one is a toughy... I don't think people would kept any luggage like these since the TITANIC ERA!!! Early 1900's??? 
Junk in my Trunk please ;)

BBB (Brother Baba Budan) is our beloved cafe in Melbourne. 
Serves coffee only. 
Shop size is 1/3 of our little patisserie and only caters up to 15 customers at a time unless you would like to line up for a takeaway coffee.
This would be the closest of how our next project going to be :D

We are going as green as possible. 
Using used, recyclable materials.
Someone has start making an impact!!
Hence, we would love for you to join us and make a change for a better, livable future!!

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