Friday, August 5, 2011

Fantasizing Our Wedding Day

Yup, I know it has been ages since I've written anything on our FKP blog. N after a period of time, the first blog I'm going to write about is our Wedding~


Guys *sighing* "seriously, do u have to share this with everyone?"

Girls " DUH!!! It's a good reference for us in the future"

Advice to the guys: u might want to leave ur gfs for a moment so she can devour her time entirely reading this :)

At the moment, I am not only concentrating on both our current shop and our upcoming shop, I still need to organise our wedding reception and ceremony.

As u all know, Ben comes from Australia and I was born here in Malaysia. So we have to combine both culture together and make it a balance and pleasing wedding for both parties. 

So here's a jumble of everything that are going through my mind :) Got to put them in before I forget

Dessert Table for Guests ( I want it so badly but it's still up to Ben whether he wants to work hard for our wedding!! Finger's Crossed) *Oh, if u know someone who is interested with having a dessert table, we can provide them that service ;)  SEEK & U will FIND!!!

* The condition is that we will not accept any last minute orderings (2 months prior to the day u need it)



Reception Area (I want something a bit different from the norm. Since my house has a very big garden to fit everyone and absolutely anyone, we're trying to turn it into something like the followings. It's cosy, it's warm, it's friendly and definitely it represents us BIG TIME!! Normally, when u go to a wedding, u tend to not remember much of it. What we wanted to create is a memory of us to u because u're special to us!!!) We will be having a huge lift by JUST BECAUSE, an event planner co in PG. To Audrey, Ishuet, Shane: Better make sure it's good!! pressures on!! Jokes ;)




Photography (We are no models. Hence, we want the pictures to be as natural and real as possible. Obviously, having FUN whilst doing it is very important too. It creates an unforgettable memory when both parties grow old together, reminisce and laugh at them in the future) 






Wedding Gift (we're incorporating many things that we like and turn them into gifts. For example, we love mini coopers. My dad n his friends are collectors of them as well. So we might be using them as our wedding cars. Hence, u got the keys, mini cooper tags etc. Apart from that, we like our guests to have fun with us. So a moustache and a big lips in pictures might look good too ;) )






We would love to hear u!! The more, the better, the merrier :) Tell us if u're going through the same process or even is planning ahead... we might be quite helpful to each other ;) I mean u never know who has what connections for vendor, stationary, florists etc


Melody XOXO


  1. if u are still in search of a photographer..

    this lady.. shes quite talented.. i love her pictures.. n her way of capturing it..

    as for wedding planner..
    me love them !

  2. hey moodey, thanks for the suggestions. I've actually contacted anna rina to get the quotes. Just havent made my decision yet. As for the wedding planners, we're going for Just Because (Event Planner) from Penang. They're exactly what we're looking for. Well i never anticipate to hv that much things to do just for a wedding :)